I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Christa Smith recently, and she was kind enough to share the following words about her experience:

christa circle.png

“Recently I have had to face a very painful and difficult life experience and since my Ketamine session a week and a half ago, I have felt significant emotional relief. It’s as if my mind and heart simply can’t go back to that old painful place. As a psychologist, meditator, and healer myself, I am familiar with many healing ways and to help myself through this challenge I have tried, psychotherapy, shamanic work, the medicine of friendship, mindfulness, and more, and nothing has been nearly as helpful nor as potent as my Ketamine session

Cody is a natural and an expert at holding space in a way that made me feel safe and cared for. He gave me the space I needed to experience the journey, but he was always right there, present and ready to help me in any way I needed. This allowed me to fully relax and heal in a loving presence created by both Cody and the Ketamine.

Cody helped me prepare thoughtfully and consciously, so that I was truly ready to receive the full benefits of the experience when the time came, and to my surprise, it wasn’t scary at all! It was a window that allowed me to see everything that is happening in my life in the light of love and to experience real acceptance.

I am so grateful to Cody!”