I am often asked whether it is better to seek ketamine IV infusions or ketamine-assisted therapy. In my opinion, they both have distinct pros and cons and should be a personal decision based on your unique needs and desires. Infusions are much more bio-available compared to the troches used in therapy, however, the support of a therapist in this process can greatly deepen the experience. That said, I was thrilled to receive an e-mail from a former client detailing his experience with both.

This is the type of message that makes my work worthwhile, and speaks to the depth of transformation that is possible in a just a few short months with ketamine assisted psychotherapy. I am grateful to my client for being willing to share this publicly, and inspired by the changes he is sustaining in his life:

“Things are generally good on my end. I did a round of infusions, which I felt compelled to try but I can’t really explain why. I just felt it would be good for me.

It really was good for me, for sure, and it had that same effect as if putting your brain into a car wash and taking away all the dust and grime, which yields clearer more insightful thinking. It felt curative, like rehabbing my brain after years of stress damage.

But, I am most thankful to have done the therapy sessions with you beforehand. Honestly I don’t think I would have gotten nearly as much from the infusions had I not had such a profound experience in therapy with you. I felt that I learned so much during those sessions, and the infusions help to integrate them and seal them in. If I had to choose, I’d go with the therapy sessions for sure, but I am glad I did the infusions.

For the moment, the ketamine journey is over and I’m letting it all sink in while I concentrate on the move, etc. But, I have a feeling I might try it again in the future. There is real, quantifiable results from the work we did - my outlook is better, more grounded and less reactive, and I am deeply settled and accepting over the situation with my family. I am more patient with my wife, and have much reduced negative thoughts in general. I attribute that to the therapy for sure. I am also less prone to getting into a rut with spiraling downward in negativity, and I attribute that also to the transfusion.

But of course, they are all mixed up so all that matters is that I am happier and more useful overall than when we first met. Recently I have been feeling the ‘grief over the life that could have been’ , as I think you put it. That is an awful feeling of having your life stolen away, especially at my age, but I am feeling pretty resilient and that grieving is starting to become less pronounced.

I can’t overstate how thankful I am to you for your expertise and kindness. If you ever have a patient or just anyone who wants to talk to someone about what the ketamine assisted therapy is about from a patient perspective, I would be happy to share my experience with them.”